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The 20th century has been, without doubt, the period in the Human History that more scientific, technological, cultural or social progress has achieved.  Our present century promises to be even more revolutionary. However, through the passage from one millennium to another, our society has reinforced its desire to generalize and standardize individual values of each rich culture  it comprises. We live in a globalized world, where the singularity, rather than being enhanced, seems to be ousted.Against this standardizing and globalizing strength, a team of professionals from different cultural and personal contexts have decided to pull their various wills and skills together in order to give reality to a business group called Flucika Group, whose aim is to pay special attention to the needs of each culture that lives on our planet.

Caring for our planet, is also to take care for each of the small companies and emerging economies it represents. Most especially those nations with great economical potential within Africa, America and Asia, which are the anti-western foot of our society. Therefore, we should not, and cannot, ignore their wishes, desires and needs.
This concern makes
Flucika Group more successful. The business group opted for a strategic geographical location in Spain. As a country with multicultural history, Spain has been an important link and gateway between Europe, Africa and America. And today, Spain is still bringing citizens of various nationalities from the five continents together. Furthermore, Spain, and the Iberian Peninsula itself, remains a linguistic and cultural richness that has been taken as a comparison model for other nations.

Flucika Group

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